Orchard Name: Holmgren Ranch
Orchard Owners: John and Margo Holmgren
Orhcard Category: Farmstead Heritage Orchard
Location Details: 5 miles west of Columbus on old Highway 10
Physical Address: 485 Hwy 10
City: Columbus
State: MT
Phone: 259-1242 Columbus; Pat Appleby 546-7002; 690-9519 cell
Planting Date: Planted early 1900's:
Type of Cultivars: 4 Wolf River apple 1 Wealthy apple 1 Flemish Beauty pear other unidentified apples at this point
History: This Ranch has been in the Holmgren family for well over 100 years. John Homgren Jr. (Age 97) has stated in the past that he remembers helping his mother Nellie plant some of the trees as a young boy. Parents were Swedish emigrants (Father 1900). Fruit trees in poor shape; old Black walnut tree (Huge)

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