Orchard Name: Lesnick Orchard
Orchard Owners: Rita Lesnick Westrum and Richard Westrum
Orhcard Category: Backyard Heritage Orchard
Planting Date: 1940-1946:
Type of Cultivars: Red Duchess, Unknown Crab Apple (2), Siberian Crab, Jonathan (2) Unknown green apple, Unknown red/yellow apple, unknown volunteer apple
History: These trees were planted by our mother and father, Leo and Bernice Lesnik shortly after their marriage in March, 1940. The Siberian Crab was a favorite of our father's since the apples become very sweet, almost transparent when they are ripe. The Jonathans mature late and very often get snow on them before we get them picked but they make the best pies. We don't know what the "green" apple tree is - the apples never really look ripe, always staying green, but they make great applesauce.

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