Orchard Name: Moon-Randolph Homestead
Orchard Owners: City of Missoula
Orhcard Category: Farmstead Heritage Orchard
Physical Address: 1515 Spurlock Rd
City: Missoula
State: MT
Zip: 59802
County: Missoula

Phone: 829-0873
Email: nmcdc@montana.com
Planting Date: 1889-1894:
Type of Cultivars: Approx. 45 trees. Varieties are mostly undocumented. Winesap, Duchess, Mac, Wolf River have been attributed. There is also a pear and two cherries. Another unique feature is one of the largest wild plum groves in W. Montana, - as I've been told there
History: The orchard was planted by Ray and Luella Moon during the 'proving up' of their homestead between 1889 and 1894. They originally planted 75 trees. The Moon-Randolph Homestead presses the apples every year at our annual fundraiser and Fall Gathering with the original Randolph (or Moon) Kentucky Drill cider press.

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